The House {Boozey Ice Cream and Brews}


The House

Last night, a dear friend and I had ourselves a girls’ night out down in Southtown (the south side of downtown San Antonio) at a delicious Belgian restaurant called, La Frite.  The food was amazing, and our night probably would have concluded there, except just next door we spotted a “boozey” ice cream shop.  What the what?  It didn’t matter if we were full, this was a must-try situation.

The House (it’s actual name) was hopping with hipsters, and mohawks and tiny children who wear Vans.  And this 40 year-old mom felt a bit out of place, but I didn’t care.  I wanted the ice cream.  I NEEDED the ice cream.

When we finally made it to the counter and asked to sample some flavors, the most awesome thing happened…WE GOT CARDED!  FOR ICE CREAM!!!  I always love getting carded, but for ice cream?  Best day ever.  They weren’t kidding about the boozey, were they?

I ended up with the oh-so-nummy Bourbon Vanilla.

The House

 My friend ended up with a waffle cone full of Mint Chocolate Chip, flavored with a crème de menthe liqueur.

The House

 We were both extremely happy.

If you’re not the “boozey” type, or wondered what on earth those children were doing there, don’t worry – they have several flavors that don’t require an ID.  Last night was actually their first night to be open, and was a “soft” opening that we were just lucky enough to attend!  Based on what I tasted and saw, I think they are gonna do OK.

I couldn’t find a website, Facebook page, Twitter handle OR Instagram for The House just yet, but I will tell you, they are located at 732 S. Alamo St., San Antonio 78205.  Show this new local business some love!

Peace and Love,


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