Belong, Colossians 3:12


Knowing Whose You Are

I’ve been struck by the portrayal of princes and princesses in movies over the years.  So often, we see them walking through the villages of their kingdom, being humble and kind to commoners, never mentioning who they are.  We don’t tend to see them as boastful or proud as they encounter people, even though they could easily abuse the authority that they obviously posses. Instead, they are rightfully confident because they know the kingdom and all it’s glory belongs inherently to them.

While this is just the movies, I believe it to be a great depiction of how we would respond to people around us if we were confident in who we belong to. Can you imagine walking around without insecurity or the need make yourself known?  No fear, no competition, no feelings of being an outcast.  It seems like a lofty goal, but can be attained only from knowing whose you are.

I Belong

If I have confidence that I am a child of the The King, then there is no reason for me to flaunt it.  I’m secure in my position of royalty.  I belong to God, and am an heir to His Kingdom.

Amazingly, this doesn’t bring about arrogance because I understand that I don’t deserve this belonging. However, it was granted to me by a loving Father who wanted me as His daughter – He chose ME.

Because I understand that I am chosen and dearly loved, I am free to be compassionate, kind and humble.  That makes this hippie heart happy.

Peace & Love,


Sunday Blessing 1-31-16




I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week crying out to the Lord for others. This life is so hard, and my heart gets heavy at the thought of people I love in pain. 

And then, there are the people I don’t know, but hear about through social media who are suffering from every kind of affliction possible in this earth.

It’s enough to bring you to your knees, and make you question the existence of a loving God.

In my experience though, the hardest times that I’ve walked through have brought me to a greater faith.

Each time that I didn’t know what was going to happen next, anxiety my companion, The Lord showed up in ways that could not be explained by  my human understanding.

Times when I should have needed pills to cope, I was instead given peace.

When my heart was to run away, my feet were steadied to stay the course.

These experiences, stitched together, have strengthened my ability to trust that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and cares for me, and takes on my pain so that I don’t crumble in under it’s weight.

He knew we would have those days when we were anxious about all that we have to face in life, so The Lord left us with an invitation to cast it on Him.

Even if we’re unsure, it can’t hurt to try right?

Please feel free to share your burdens here – I’m always happy to pray for you.

Peace & Love,


Sunday Blessing 1-24-16



Today I celebrate the birth of my best friend, who has loved me for 31 years.  Sure, there were times when we were younger that we wouldn’t talk because we were fighting about something stupid, but we always made our way back to the friendship.  It’s easy to love someone that you know will love you no matter what.  It’s much harder to hand out that love to someone who hasn’t yet proven their trustworthiness,  and next to impossible to keep giving it to someone who has wronged you.

Loving our enemies seems fairly easy when the enemy is an abstract person.  When the enemy makes their presence known by intersecting your life in an impactful and often painful way, the real challenge of love begins.

However, loving your enemy is a sign that we are eternally focused.  It’s a sign of trust that the Father is working all things for our good and watching over the tiniest details.  It also shows that we understand that we too are the “unthankful and wicked,” yet have been chosen and loved by a good God.  When we give what’s undeserved, we display a gratitude for what’s been poured out in abundance to us.

Ask the Lord to show you today how you can better love and trust Him by loving your enemies.  I know I will be.

Peace & Love,