Sunday Blessing 1-24-16



Today I celebrate the birth of my best friend, who has loved me for 31 years.  Sure, there were times when we were younger that we wouldn’t talk because we were fighting about something stupid, but we always made our way back to the friendship.  It’s easy to love someone that you know will love you no matter what.  It’s much harder to hand out that love to someone who hasn’t yet proven their trustworthiness,  and next to impossible to keep giving it to someone who has wronged you.

Loving our enemies seems fairly easy when the enemy is an abstract person.  When the enemy makes their presence known by intersecting your life in an impactful and often painful way, the real challenge of love begins.

However, loving your enemy is a sign that we are eternally focused.  It’s a sign of trust that the Father is working all things for our good and watching over the tiniest details.  It also shows that we understand that we too are the “unthankful and wicked,” yet have been chosen and loved by a good God.  When we give what’s undeserved, we display a gratitude for what’s been poured out in abundance to us.

Ask the Lord to show you today how you can better love and trust Him by loving your enemies.  I know I will be.

Peace & Love,


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