My Hippie Heart

Hippie Family


I can’t even begin to talk about me without talking about my family.  They are ev-a-reh-thing.  This little nucleus right here is so much of the reason I am who I am.  I heart them SO big.

Hippie Soul

The major players in my soul’s joy are painting things (like, seriously, don’t put it in a 50 mile radius of me if you don’t want my paintbrush to touch it), cooking, and seeing stuff.  These things are my passion and so many other things flow from them, but not one of them are complete without people to share with.


Hippie Spirit

No hippie is complete without a spiritual side, even if we’re only hippie in heart.  The freedom that I adventure in and the love that I want to operate in, all flows from the one who first loved me: JESUS.

Hippie Tribe

I’m always looking to add to my tribe.  Tribe = a group that loves and laughs and adventures together.  It’s not about all having the same opinion or beliefs or likes.  It’s about the spirit of unity and encouraging each other to be our best selves.  At Her Hippie Heart, I hope you’ll find inspiration to make room for all of the things you love in life, and to invite others along for the ride.  I hope you’ll be part of my tribe, and let me be a part of yours!