Cuddle Weather 2017

It might be a slow crawl, but we are inching our way to cooler weather here in Texas!  We’ve enjoyed a few crisp mornings this week, and some jacket worthy evenings, which makes everyone feel happy inside – like maybe we don’t actually live in the center of the sun.  Sadly, we don’t get cuddle weather here for months on end like other places do, although our winters are perfect convertible weather so I’m not really complaining. But when those temps do take a dip we have to be ready!  Here are a few supplies to help get your cuddle on when there’s a nice nip in the air and gooey love in your heart.

Under Cover

This blankie is chunk-ilicious and I’m completely smitten with it’s knittin’.  The only hard decision is which color to choose!  Beautifully handmade, this blanket makes me wanna put on some jammy pants and get tangled up for hours with my handy man (don’t worry, he’s my husband).


Whether you’re a cocoa or coffee person, a hot cup of something (spiked or not) is definitely on the agenda for cuddle time.  Earthy and handmade, these mugs are right up my ally.  I may not have a cabin in the woods, but with these beauties I can sure pretend.

Toasty Toes

Cold feet are an absolute cuddle fowl.  When snuggling up, make sure no icy toes cause your snuggle buddy to jump and run.  That’s not what we’re going for here.  Clearly, I’m all about the handmade and these cutie socks are no exception.  Not only will they keep your feet cuddle-ready, you’ll feel great about supporting someone’s small business!  Or you can pretend that your sweet Granny made you those, and think of her fondly every time you realize how warm your feet are.  *loving sigh*

Cozy Fireplace

No fireplace? No problem.  I don’t have one either, but we completely love our little fake one.  It’s actually quite nice because it puts out heat AND creates ambiance without the hassle of kindling real flames.  Don’t get me wrong, real fires are lovely, and if you have one of those gas ones that you can flip on with a remote control, then you, my friend, are blessed beyond measure.  As for the rest of us, a fake fireplace is a great substitute, and will keep you under the covers for as long as you wanna stay.

A little reminder

This sweet little pillow can serve as a reminder all season long, that yes, cuddle weather is upon us.  Shall we?

Peace & Love,



Just to let you know, I have added links to items that are available for purchase.  If you click on them, I might make a buck at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU.  Did you hear that? None.  My promise to you is that I’ll never share anything that I don’t love and want for myself.  Pinky promise!

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