A Year In The Rear View

Confession... It's been a year since my last post.  BUT, what a year it's been!  Here's a look into my rear view mirror - and what's on the road ahead!


Last march, I inquired about pop-up shops in San Antonio, and 2 weeks later I opened one!  I had no inventory, and NO CLUE was I was doing.  But, in true Carrie fashion, I jumped in with both feet and had a really fun and path-altering 90 days.


Because I was in downtown San Antonio, I was able to meet people from all over the world.  One customer wanted me to find out what it would cost to ship one of my pieces to Paris! (Much more than the piece was worth, by the way.)  The positive response gave me confidence in what I was doing, and at the end of 90 days I decided to start applying for Vintage Market Days.

The first VMD to accept my application was in Nashville, TN - and of course I went for it.  Again, NO IDEA what I'm doing or what to expect, but go big or go home, right?  AM I RIGHT??  So we packed up a trailer & the kids and headed to Tennessee, making a stop in Memphis.


I followed Nashville up with Greater San Antonio VMD, Austin-Hill Country  VMD, and Greater Asheville VMD.

I also became an Etsy failure last year.  I opened my shop only to learn that sitting around waiting for people to order stuff, isn't my jam.  I gotta go places and meet people.  SO, no more Etsy for me...except for shopping.

I've also learned that I can't stand to think of things to write about, so my blog posts from here on out will be mostly pictures of places to go, restaurants to eat at and recipes to try.   Sound good?

So, what's next for her Hippie Heart?  Thanks for asking!  In just over a month, I will be launching an online boutique that promises to be easy and comfortable style, for the free-spirited gal.  

For now, I'll continue to sell my junk at Vintage Market Days (see schedule for upcoming events), manage an upscale boutique in downtown San Antonio, be a wife & momma, adventure seeker, wine drinker, and Jesus follower.  Won't you go with me?

Peace & Love,


My 40 Year Old Face




A few days ago, I was met with an unsavory decision…to photoshop or not to photoshop. 

My friend and photographer, Lupita from Images Of Rain Photography , took my headshots for me a couple of weeks ago, and I could hardly wait to get the proofs back.

I love her, and I love her work. 

When I did get the proofs, I was immediately drawn to one photo of me that I thought looked great.  And I was right…it looked so great that I didn’t even recognize myself! 

As I scanned the other photos, I became painfully aware that the photos that caught my eye, were not a real representation of me. I clicked on the unedited version of the same photos and I just sat and stared at them.  For a while.  I thought, “this is what I look like.”

Those wrinkles.

Those age spots.

That nose.

That wild hair.

This is you.

THIS is what people see when you’re standing face-to-face.



This is it.  My 40 year old face. 

And I had to decide in that moment who I wanted to be.  Just a pretty face, or real and authentic? 

Considering that the Her Hippie Heart logo includes the phrase “down-to-earth,” I decided to opt for the latter. Embracing this laugh lined, sleep deprived, dehydrated, sun damaged, dessert-loving face wasn’t easy, but it was the right thing to do.

THIS is NOT me.




THIS is.




THIS is not.




THIS is.




My 40 year old face is showing, and I’m learning to be OK with that.

Peace & Love,