B&D Ice House Southtown, San Antonio

Driving by it, you wouldn’t know that B&D Ice House Southtown, San Antonio was in the business of serving up some of the most delicious barbeque you’ll ever put in your mouth.  That’s subjective, I know, but not one person in our party of 6 was disappointed.

Started in 1961 and “reimagined” in 2014, there’s certainly nothing pretentious about this place.  No fancy sign and no fancy building, just order at the window and a grab a picnic table.  When they holler your name, come and get it!

B&D serves all the go-to barbeque for the purists (and fixins), which stands above the rest all on it’s own.  But this establishment kicks it up a notch by combining flavors that had everyone making noises your not supposed to make in public.

How about some green chile mac-n-cheese?  Oh yeah, it’s as good as it sounds. I had this alongside some chicken thighs that were smokey and delicious.

B&D Ice House


I didn’t get a bite, but there was quite a bit of groaning over “The Bruno.” Bun, chopped brisket, sauce, mac-n-cheese, slaw…BAM.

B&D Ice House


My husband couldn’t shut up about the chopped brisket frito pie either.  Need I say more?  Just look at it.

B&D Ice House


Of course, if you’re into brews, they have those too.

I highly recommend traveling down to Southtown (or whichever direction will get you there), and checking it out for yourself.  You know I liked it because I received no compensation to write this!  Just wanted to give some fanfare to a local business who serves up great food.

Be in the know and get info on hours and location here:



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