70’s Chair Makeover




Welcome back to Makeover Monday! While out antique shopping a couple of weekends ago, I ran across a chair that I loved immediately.  It wasn’t cute as it was, but I knew I could turn it into a piece that fits my style.  So, for less than $12 I came home and gave it a facelift!  And since I had everything else I needed on hand, this 70’s chair makeover didn’t cost me anymore that.


The before.



The after.  I used one of the many coffee sacks I had at home to cover the seat, using some black fabric underneath the keep the white vinyl from showing through.  The seat was in good shape, so I opted to leave the vinyl in tact and just put the fabric and burlap over it.

I used Maison Blanche chalk paint to change the color of the wood, starting with a coat of Crème De Menthe.  Then, I followed that up with a coat of Sugar Cane from the same company, a light 220 grit sanding and a coat of clear wax.  I was very happy with the results, which aren’t quite magnified in the pictures.

farmhouse-chair-makeover burlap-chair-cover

70-to-farmhouse 1970-to-farmhouse-chair

I haven’t decided where it’s going yet, but it’s definitely a keeper!

Peace & Love,


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